My sizzling summer reading list...

Books are my drug of choice. When I don't have a book, I am thinking about getting one. I have books in every room of the house, and I carry my e-reader around just in case I can snatch even just a little fix while I wait outside the school for my kids or at a stoplight.

Just kidding about the stoplight. Really.

As addictions go, I suppose reading is a good one to have, although my husband might think otherwise when he is trying for the third time to ask me a question and I just look up blankly from my book and then continue to ignore him.

I still love real paper books with pages, but I love my e-reader as well, so I alternate between the two. A couple of real books, a couple of e-books. My usual goal is about 100 books a year. Sometimes I reach the goal, sometimes I don't. I am a bibliophile.

Now that I am on sabbatical from the library, I really miss the day-to-day book chat that has always been my favourite part of working there. One of the greatest compliments I ever got was from someone who told me I was like a "book diviner," that I could talk to a person a few minutes, then go to the shelf, run my hands over the books and pick out the perfect one for that person. Just how geeky I am is reflected by how incredibly flattered I was by that comment. Anyhow, something I like to do every year is write a blog about summer books, good ones to read or a list of a few I am planning to take on this summer. Unbelievably, summer is almost here. (Honestly, I did not think our first prairie winter would ever, ever end.)

So drum roll... here is my wish list for this spectacular summer reading season. Please, help me out by commenting at the end and giving me some more ideas...there is always room for more. With a major road trip coming for us this summer, I will be reading my way across three provinces when I am not busy refereeing whatever is going on in the back seat.

You can find any of these titles free at your local library, as I will. If you like to own your books and want to order them from Amazon, click on the title links to read reviews or shop, and this blog will receive a tiny portion of sales, with thanks.

The Paris Wife 
Paula McLain

There is a little rebellious bit of me that won't read what everyone tells me to read, but this one I will, because it sounds like a delicious plot. Literary history at its best, with Hemingway in love.

Summer of love
Katie Fforde
Fluffy, frothy, British. Katie Fforde is almost as good as Jill Mansell for escapist, fun, romantic romps in the British countryside. And summer is in the title.

Susan Howatch
...because frankly, I will read anything moody and atmospheric and set in Cornwall.

Elin Hilderbrand
Some of her books were, I thought, a waste of time, but they are always beachy, set on Nantucket, and involving lots of family intrigue, so I am going to give her another try barefoot. And summer is on the cover.

The summer guest
Justin Cronin
This book looks so diabolically different from his huge bestseller The Passage that I have to read it. The Passage is part one of a highly-addictive trilogy of zombie apocalypse books that I consumed (all 800 pages) in a weekend so it will be interesting to see what he does with family drama. And summer is in the title.

The light between oceans
M.L. Stedman
I know you should never judge a book by its cover, but this IS a great cover. The story looks gorgeous, too, set on a tiny lighthouse island off of Australia. A little mystery, a bit of tragedy, lots of dramatic crashing waves, and I am sold.

The way I see it 
Temple Grandin
This is a book I have meant to read for ages, since I saw the movie Temple Grandin, which was stunningly good. I have a sweet little friend who is autistic, and I want to understand him as much as I possibly can.

Ah yes, I will also be including at least one book from Jane Green and one from Jill Mansell if I can squeeze them in. What is on your list for this summer? Please share, and happy reading.


  1. I love books about Cornwall, too. I am going to request Penmarric from the library!

  2. Looks like you and I would be good friends. I have three of these books on my "to read" list. Someday!


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