Wednesday, 15 August 2012

De-stressing in the garden

There is just something so lush, so delectable about going out into the garden and just standing there snacking on whatever happens to be ready that day. It makes me feel as though I am living in the lap of luxury.

It also makes me feel unreasonably happy that my daughters do this as well, that they learn about where food comes from in this small but vital way. They know that you plant a tiny little lumpy seed and giant purple pole beans grow, their plants towering far over their tiny human heads. How cool is that?

It can be as simple as planting a tomato in a pot, or in one of those very fun upside-down hanging planters. Watching something grow, and then eating it juicy and warm from the sun is such a small but mighty pleasure in life. 

So, what is growing well this summer? Snow peas have been demolished already, their crunchy deliciousness being irresistible to all. Strawberries are everbearing, so we have been picking them for months now. Raspberries have been jammed, and did I mention how much I dislike canning jam? But OH it tastes so very wonderful in wintertime. Onions and garlic are doing smashingly well this summer, and we have oodles of heirloom tomatoes but none ripe. Let us just hope they are not stricken by blight again this year. Last summer it was the black plague.

Random squash are taking over the garden, all the more mysterious because many have grown out of the compost (not hot enough in there?) I know there is butternut, and pumpkin, and zucchini, and little decorative gourds.  Pole beans are massive, their bean pods as long as the girls' arms. They love it that the pods are purple but turn green when cooked. WHY??

All in all, it is a pleasure at the end of the day to just go out and stand there in the garden, take a deep breath and munch on a little something. It makes all the stress just drift away. Not bad for a little garden.

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